White Lords' born on 22.11.2017.      
Meanwhile we've found very nice families and have already moved to them...
Good food !
Merry Christmas !
Hello, I'm a new White Lords' ... ... of course, my brothers and sister, too ! We cannot be stopped anymore.
Here we sleep well. We are one week old, fed up and sleepy.
Just born ... ... and we like to drink at Mummy.

   White Lords' born on 3.11.2015.
  Now we all have found nice families.  
Photo shooting I think, I will sleep immediately.  
We have started playing... ... but want to sleep a lot ... ... and like to drink at mummy.
Just born ... ... and already a few days old ... ... and as early as opened the eyes.

   White Lords' born on 10.06.2014.
We are four weeks old and have lots of fun while playing.
Just born. We sleep, drink an grow very fast. Our eyes are already half open.

   White Lords' born on 28.12.2013.

   White Lords', born on 22 August 2013.      
There're much new things to discover.
In the garden.
We have grown up quickly !
We're 4 weeks old.
We still need to grow ...

   White Lords' Emily, Eragon, Enrico, born on 11 July 2011.

We are just three days old !
After two weeks our eyes beginn to open.
With four weeks, we can already discover the garden, but only with our supervisor Mum !
We're pretty big (6 weeks), now we can go for expedition by ourselves !
On a rainy day we play in our house !
On a sunny day we work in the garden  ... Training has to be !
After training we are tired !
With 12 weeks, we wanted to stand on our own feet. We've found very nice families and have already moved. Now and then we will get in touch with our parents and perhaps you can admire us in the category offspring. Many greetings to all Westiefans:

Emily      Eragon     Enrico 


   White Lords' Cheyenne, born on 29 November 2009.

My name is Cheyenne, I'am a few days old. I'm searching mother's milk...

  Isabella really loves me. (I'm three weeks old).

My eyes just opened and I discover the world !
My home is my castle ! Christmas 2009.
I'm six weeks old and I'm playing with my mum.
Super, I play with Isabella's shoe ! I was scolded, so I dodge behind my mum. I huggle together with my best friend.
My new family brought me toys, bed and a box. I should get used to it - no problem !
I like snow ! I feel cold, I have to go inside !
Next week my new familily will meet me, I'm glad !