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Dear Westiefriends,
In this section we would like to show you our 'White Lords' who are a bit larger. The photos are kindly sent to us by the new families. We always look forward to news and pictures of our 'Little Big' and would like to thank the families warmly.We also ask for understanding, that we only can show a part of the photos.
And now, please enjoy watching the photos...

Love, Barbara

Already two White Lords say welcom in the  Hotel am Bad-Wald at Bad Liebenzell (Blackwood):
Maxim and his brother Moritz have found their home right here and may be petted gladly.

Merry Christmas from Felix, Lilly, Julie und Cheyenne, she wants to be something "special" !
Merle (Emily) is very happy in the "Taunus". Ricky (Enrico) greets from Munich. Chicco (Eragon) feels very well in the beautiful "Wehretal". Julie likes to cuddle.
Côte d'Azur, what more could I want? May I grab it ? Football is our live ... After hairdressing !
Dog-tired ! Everybody needs his cuddly pet ! Where is the mistress ?
After gardening. This one is mine ! My home is my doghouse ! No snow ploughing service is in sight?
Biking is cool ! Bathing, is that really necessary? The master cuts the grass too short, so a cannot hide away!
Advent, Advent ...     Photoshooting !