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   White Lords' Aska, named "Lotta"

Does the sunflower smell ?

In the garden ...

I'm tired, I lay down myself simply into the grass ...



   Advent 2008 with "Kitty".

Advent, Advent, one little light is burning........

Upps !


Is there something for me ?


Delicious !


Under stars ....


Where is the cat ?


     Summer 2008 with "Funny" and "Kitty".

A shady place ... Here we can relax.

What's in her pocket ?

Hmmm.., an excellent meal.

After meal there's time to sleep..

I almost do anything for good food.


   White Diamond O'la la Euforia, named "Kitty"


Two, which love each other!

We are waiting for the show ...

I love fish ... Should I have the heart to cross over ? I don't give my prey away ! Just well rested ...
Just arrived, at first I need a roof over my head... In the arms of my best friend I feel confident. My new master ???


   Glencoe's Angel Face, named "Funny"

Everywhere these roses! What, a walk? Come on ... .... the walk was much too short!
Where does my meal remain? From here I have the best overview. Hurrah, we'll go into vacation... .... here I can already imagine.
Our favourite place under the mourning pasture. Where is Isabella? My family love roses... ... I love digging to it.
Funny with 3 months with her best friend. Short-time after hairdressing:
"Am I not a really beautiful dog?"
At the pond.